Hey y'all!

I hope all is well with you! I am currently trying to catch up on some blog adventures and photo shoots that I have done lately. Life has been so busy lately but I really want to make some time to share some of my experiences with you all!

So, here's a cool story! A few weeks ago I partnered with a local leather goods company here in Fresno, California called Iron Copper Bronze! They asked me to take some photos of their newest leather bag that they have been working on and are now officially launching to sell! This bag that they have been working on is called "The Yosemite Bag". So, with that, they decided what better place to take photos of the Yosemite Bag than in Yosemite itself!

For the shoot, we had to start the day very early to make it to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park by sunrise! We hit the road around 3:30am to make it there by 5am. Despite our tired minds and heavy eyes, we made it up to the tippy top of Glacier Point just in time. As the sun rose, our tiredness faded & we began taking photos full of excitement as we watched an incredibly colorful sunrise. 

With blankets laid out and camp mugs full of coffee, I began taking photos and everything just came together quite perfectly. I even got a chance to get in front of the camera (Thanks Ren!) to be showcased in some shots. Of course, there was also time to goof off and enjoy our time. We also got to go sit on the diving board at Glacier Point. The diving board sits over 3,000 feet about the Yosemite Valley. It's a straight shot down to the floor of the valley so sitting up at the edge requires great caution. This shoot was so much fun not just because of the beautiful scenery and amazing sunrise but also because of the fun people that came along. 

I always like to say as a photographer you need to take some time to enjoy the moment with the camera away from your face and during this trip I got plenty of time to do just that. To just sit up at Glacier Point watching the sunrise, to have great conversations about music, hikes, and meeting random people who just happen to follow me on Instagram. With this group, there were plenty of laughs and that is one of the most memorable parts of this trip. 

All in all, I am so thankful that Bibi & Cathy decided to choose me as a photographer and trust that I would take great shots of their products to use on their website and for their launch. It was such an exciting shoot for me seeing as it was officially my first (professional) shoot for a brand. If you have the time, go check out Iron+Copper+Bronze's website and check out their amazing bags! They are of incredible quality and if the photos don't show it, they are very durable and easily able to be used not just in urban places but also out in nature. Go check out their site here

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this! It was a super fun day and I hope I can collaborate with more brands soon! Also, thanks for reading as I learn how to write blog posts. I'm still learning and still full of excitement as I launch this blog! Until next time. . .