Hey Y'all! 

Okay, so the spring season is in full swing and life continues to be busy on my end. However, I'm stoked because this school semester is ALMOST FINISHED! Seriously, this semester seems to feel like it's taken forever; yet, at the same time it feels like it is zooming by. 

Time is a funny thing really. It's always moving, moving, moving forward even when we wish it would slow down even for just a moment. This thought runs through my mind every so often, especially when I make my way into the forests of Yosemite or perched on the side of it's granite walls standing so tall. Luckily, I have found time to leave my schoolwork behind and retreat into the park quite often. 

I love having the privilege to see Yosemite in all it's different seasons. This season has been full of snow; and lots of it! Finally the drought is taking a break and the clouds are letting loose all the rain drops from the sky that we have been thirsty for these past several years. And with lots of snow comes lots and lots of water from the snowmelt this spring! Which is super exciting! 

These photos are from a quick visit with my dear friend Trevor Lee. Nothing too special except for the awesome conversations we had catching up on life and discussing the future. Here's just a few photos from that visit. 

Anyway, as summer approaches I really hope I can get more interesting blog posts up here! With school and all it's been a tad difficult but I know that I will have a lot of storytelling posts coming. Stay tuned for some fun posts coming your way! Thanks for reading.