Hey Y'all!

This is Mike here! So, this is my very first blog post. It's funny how you can know exactly what you want to write about for a blog post and then once you are sitting in front of the screen with the blank post waiting to be filled with meaningful words and moving photos that evoke feeling and adventure you go blank. You sit and stare at the blank white page with questions swirling around "What do I write?" "Why am I writing a blog?" "What is going on?" 

So, I decided the best way to be authentic is to be just that, authentic. This means every blog post will most likely start with simple and nonsensical blabber as I try to feel my way around to what I really want to write about. So thanks for sticking around! 

To begin my blog, I guess you should truly meet me. Some of you have met me in person whiles many of you have probably never even seen me before. Thankfully, since I am surrounded by extremely talented and creative friends, I have a video that you can watch so you can get to know a little more about me. While on a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, one of my best friends, Ryan Brisco, made this video of me. I was astonished when seeing the final cut of the video because he made me seem so much cooler than I actually am. 

Give the video a watch and get to know me. Also, go check out Ryan Brisco's site! He is an amazing videographer with a huge passion for storytelling. He inspires me so much. 

Video courtesy of Ryan Briso