Hey Y'all! 

Okay, I have a ton of photos to share with you today! Lately life has become so busy and I haven't found much time to actually get down to bloggin' some stuff. So this is a very belated posting that I had originally wanted to post at the beginning of August! But hey, better late than never; right? I mean, I'm usually late with everything. . . you just gotta love me through it! 

Anyway, a few months ago my friends Tanner and Janie Tweed bought themselves a lime green 1977 VW Camper Bus. Now, if you have ever taken a ride in my passenger seat while adventuring on windy mountain roads or even while speeding (yeah, I have a heavy foot) throughout the city, you would come to discover how intense of a passion and obsession I have with Volkswagen buses and vanagons. It's not unusual for me to very suddenly and loudly gasp causing all conversation to come to a pause whenever I see a VW Bus/Van while on the road. Usually my dramatic gasps are met with confused eyes and questions such as "What's wrong?" which I usually reply in a whiny voice about how much I want a VW Bus/Van. 

So, when Tanner and Janie informed me of their recent purchase my first initial response was just a loud gasp and whining. Thankfully, Tanner and Janie share this obsession and joined right in with the gasps exclaiming "I KNOW, IT'S THE BEST." Right away, I asked them (well, more so begged them) to let me take some rad photos of the both of them in their beloved bus. Thankfully, they were quick to accept and were just as excited as I was. 

After some quick planning, we headed out long before the rising sun. With the bus packed we began driving toward the Sierra National Forest to a location that holds special meaning and memories to Tanner and Janie. The two began to tell their story in more detail as we rode watching the sun creep over the mountaintops. They shared memories remembering when they met up at a camp in the Sierras where Huntington Lake lay nestled beneath pine trees. Hearing their story while driving up to the place where they met was absolutely beautiful. But it wasn't just the story that I found most inspiring and beautiful. 

Being a hopeless romantic, I pick up on the true beauty of love and romance. I love (and I mean love) hearing a couple's story full of the good, the hard, and the beautiful. Stories where two people find themselves being able to love one another so easily. Stories where the two learn that "easiness" of a courtship fades at times and it actually becomes hard in reality. Stories where the two learn that to truly love someone means to choose to love someone. And in that choice, comes a beautiful, real, and intense love that doesn't compare to giddy crush-love. No, it's much more beautiful when a person is able to choose to love someone and be committed to a person despite the misunderstandings, the fights, and the hurts. The story of a couple's process of falling in love and choosing each other is a beautiful thing and I cannot get enough of it. 

But more than that, watching a couple's dynamic is another beautiful thing that moves my heart so much. Yes, I know, I'm too much of a hopeless romantic. But, I know I'm not the only one who feels excessive joy and gets teary eyed when they recognize a love that is so true - a love that is chosen and has grown to a deep level. A love that reflects the love of the Father. I know I'm not the only one. . . However, watching the dynamic of Tanner and Janie more and more while taking fun photos of them moved my heart so much. To witness their love was something that impacted me so much. They certainly have that special, deep, and real love that I was referring to. You can see it in the way they look at each other. Their eyes scream with joy and love as they look at each other. Their touch displays an affection that is so caring. The way they speak to each other with great respect and kindness displays their heart for each other. I know, I know; that's enough ooey-gooey stuff, Mike (haha). 

Okay, moving on. . . first off, I love the Tweed's bus. And what's even better is hearing their hopes and dreams of all the road trips they plan to take with the bus. Tanner has been working so hard to make sure the bus is in top notch form giving it a good tuning and a great looking sanding and wax. On top of that, Janie has decorated the interior of the bus giving it that homey-touch. She even sewed the curtains that hand in the bus all on her own! It was awesome to see their personal touch, like a fingerprint, on their bus. 

 Anyway, now I have a TON of photos to show you. I tried to narrow it down, I promise. . . but I can't help to share a ton. Tanner and Janie are such an awesome couple and even when I look at these photos of them I can sense their love for each other and its the best. . . 

After spending the entire morning up in the mountains, we headed back down to Fresno to try something new. On Pinterest we kept seeing something that is called an "in-home" engagement shoot. Now, even though Tanner and Janie have been married for just over 3 years, we decided to give it a try. Also, their house is incredible decked with impressive interior design thanks to Janie (she works at Anthropologie designing the layout and displays of the sales floor, so of course her house is amazingly decorated). 

I really loved spending time with Tanner and Janie, especially in their home. At first it was certainly awkward to go around taking photos of a couple's home. But at the same time it was really neat to see all the things that compose their home. Much of the decorations around their house are on display because of the meanings behind the decor. They have a map of the Sierra National Forest displayed in their dining room pointing out where they met. They have knick knacks that hold meaning to them and are correlated to memories in their minds. Their house was amazing and I'm so thankful they were more than willing to try out doing a shoot in their home. I would say it was a pretty successful shoot. . . 

Well, thank you for checking out all the photos! I know there were a lot, but I love them all so much. But more than that, I love the couple featured in the photos. Tanner and Jane, thank you so much for your friendship in my life. You two are such a blessing and it was seriously a great honor to be able to take photos of you two with your bus and in your home. I love you two! 

Thanks for reading everybody! I still have a lot that I need to blog so be on the look out soon. It's gonna be good! 

. . . you know what I mean?